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Are You Getting Things Done Working From Home?

Inquisitiveness is the process of going one step beyond curiosity and finding something out. Ask the questions, clarify, process and then ask again and again. Inquisitiveness is the rocket fuel of learning and what allows you to produce. It is what authentic productivity is all about: the ability to ask the question, then go find the answer, ask more questions and repeat. It is the commitment to find out and do what lets you use your talents and intelligence.
You are much more likely to be inquisitive about something that interests you. Interest and focus are strengths in the virtual world. Ideas come in all varieties – crazy, perfect, good and ridiculous. Interest and focus will help you determine which of these ideas is important to you.

With The Pajama Effect, in order to be authentically productive, you need to harness intrinsic inspiration. Focus on your possibilities and not the limitations. When you are attracted to an idea, pursue it without negative self-talk and internal negation or fear. All of the negatives will trip you up. Saying to yourself, “I can’t, I don’t have time, I am afraid I will mess it up, I have never been good at that, I am not really motivated, I know I should but…” will kill curiosity, kill creativity and kill inquisitiveness. When you are not intrinsically motivated to be productive, you won’t be. You can only kid yourself for so long and eventually you will have to admit when you are being authentically productive and when you are not. How will you know? You are not enacting your priorities and reaching your goals. Things are not getting done.

One of the biggest limitations to the virtual environment is distraction. There are a whole lot of reasons why we are distracted but really it comes down to only one: because we allow ourselves to be. Distraction is what happens when you take your focused attention off of what you wanted to concentrate on and allow yourself to focus on something else. There are many kinds of distractions. Some are big and some small, some subtle and some abrupt, but all distractions are something that we allow to happen. #VirtualWork #RemoteWork #PJEffect  WFH #NSFW #ThePajamaEffect