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Do You Feel Comfortable When You WFH?

Creativity requires freedom and freedom requires security. It is very difficult to be creative when you are fixated on being right. You can’t think out-of-the-box when you are scared of being wrong. It will not work. The flexibility of The Pajama Effect has to leave you room to fail every now and then. When you are out of your element and dealing with change, you need a certain degree of creativity to produce. Creativity requires you to be comfortable with the unfamiliar. Creativity doesn’t just happen; it takes energy, time, intention and focus. It takes the willingness to step into the unknown and do it over and over and over. This can be quite a task.

Although the virtual workplace is in some ways more comfortable than the traditional workplace, in other ways it is not. There is a sense of comfort in knowing where the edges are, where the limits and walls are. To learn more, we must be willing to step beyond those limits. This is not an easy or comfortable assignment for many people. It requires trusting ourselves to be able to progress and succeed. It also requires stepping into the unknown, again and again. Creativity requires us to let curiosity and inquisitiveness take us to unknown territory. Without both of these, we cannot learn; without learning, we cannot remain continuously curious.

Curiosity is the spark that ignites the fire, the desire to learn something new. It invites us to go beyond our boundaries and enter into something we have never done, thought of or examined before. We are born being curious about life but it is something that most of us do not manage to retain. Our education system and cubicle workplace certainly did not encourage or reward creativity. The 21st-century workplace is quintessentially encouraging to curiosity. This is an age where everything is changing at an alarming speed. Something is always new and must be learned. Change is the name of the game and it is everywhere. To keep up with change, you have to be inquisitive.

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