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#AI@Work: Problem Solving is Not Going Away

Learning and education are needed throughout a worker’s career to remain competitive and effective. We need a new way of looking at things. We need a bridge that makes the transition between learning and work seamless. Many Americans without a college degree are already unemployed. These people will feel the pain first. Low level jobs in retail, service and manufacturing have already disappeared. Going back to school is either too expensive, too inconvenient or irrelevant because, in many ways, the educational system is outdated. It was designed for a different time. Education has not been able to make the necessary changes for many reasons. The challenges of life are not any less significant. People are juggling families, work and other responsibilities. There is a tremendous need for innovation. We need to bridge the gap for underserved communities between learning and work needs to be a change in focus away from humans as capital and toward a focus on human well-being. The traditional focus on capital spending and mission statements isn’t enough. Humans should be the central focus of the organization. This means taking into consideration social, environmental, diversity, inequality and urgency concerns and empowering change.

This means supporting change for the individual, the organization and the workplace. This problem hasn’t been solved. If anything, it has intensified. Technologies are bringing disruption to the very fabric of the human experience. It’s a tense time of change and resilience. Those that can reinvent themselves will survive and flourish. The rest will not.

The importance of humans in the workplace is not fading away. It is growing more important every year. Employers will have to reinvent or perish. This is a big job because it isn’t just window coating, it’s redesigning how organizations think about people. It starts with human resources and the role it plays in organizations. Changing the focus from profits to people takes bravery. Employment has become precarious with more layoffs, short term contracts and new rules. Research supports the fact that the number one reason people leave their jobs is the lack of opportunity to learn and grow.

Problem solving isn’t going away for humans. We are still going to need thinkers, and leaders that can inspire, motivate and connect with others. 

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