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#WFH: Are You in the Zone?

In athletics, the flow state is often referred to as the zone, a state of awareness that is simultaneous and detached from a higher state of consciousness. When you are in the zone, you are not really thinking; doing and performance come automatically. What you don’t see in reading about the zone is the hours of practice and focused concentration it took to get to that state of performance. It took a lot of concentration, focus and hard work, not to mention hours and hours of practice. If you want to make it happen in the virtual workplace, you want to connect first of all with yourself and then with everybody else.

Developing a sense of self-awareness is not an easy task. It is much easier for most of us to look critically at others than to self-examine and discover our own motivations, actions and flaws. But there is no one you will spend more time with in the virtual workplace. It is critical that you know yourself, and that you are honest about who you are and what is in your baggage.

You have the opportunity to connect with friends and family, workers and coworkers, acquaintances and the media in any number of ways. There are many ways to connect in a world driven by social media. Sometimes, you connect in ways that you are not even aware of, whether you wanted to or not. All of this connection, both wanted and unwanted, can lead to consequences. These can have a great influence on your success in the virtual workplace. Awareness first: you can’t have alignment without awareness.

Motivational author and speaker Zig Ziglar (2013) said, “If you want to reach a goal, you must ‘see the reaching’ in your own mind before you actually arrive at your goal.” Do you have the goal of being valued, respected and involved? Is that how you are aligning your connections? If you want people to see you as an integral part of the team, are you aligning your connections so that you show up and participate in virtual meetings? Do you reach out for help when you have questions? Notify your boss if the deadline is slipping? Are you intentionally kind? Are you non- confrontational — even on Facebook? Do you meet people on fair and equal terms in a non-judgmental way?

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