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AI@Work: AI Will Force Learning to Learn!

Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIED) has changed and evolved. As STARA moves the workplace forward, these technologies need to be embedded in everyday lives. They need to support culture, practices, objectives and societies. Current classroom pedagogy needs to expand. It must include a wider partnership of learners with instructors. New technologies can support diversity and different content domains. The goal of education needs to move away from a definitive body of knowledge. It needs to move towards giving learners the tools to become adaptive experts and on the job learners. The curriculum must expand to include not just soft skills but knowledge application, teamwork and self-regulation.

Assessments too must change. They need to capture learning pathways and processes. Practices must include formative and summative assessments. They need to measure Just in Time support and authentic work elements. The movement will be toward supporting learning anytime and anyplace. It will not be restricted to a system or a structure. Teachers are no longer sages. They are guides to the integration of the technologies and applications. They lead the way for seeking, finding independent, collaborative thought. Learning will focus on authentic everyday tasks and challenges, context and actions. Embedding the learning in context will make it more relevant and real. Researchers must be bold and willing to take on new challenges. They need to take greater risks and tackle new contexts and domains. Interactive learning environments will be more than just domain knowledge. These environments will be built to support lifelong learning growth. They will support peer interactions, and act as intelligent tutors and perhaps mentors or life coaches.

Lying in wait is the thought that learning is a skill to be taught. It is not just about learning a subject. Rather it is about analyzing the environment we live n and finding the problems that need solutions. This stretches learning to make us better problem solvers and innovators and not just experts in a discipline. With this comes a need to start training our newest generations in this lifelong learning experience. We must provide transition to the existing generations to “come up to speed.” Learning is basically a closed loop process. It includes viewing, analyzing, changing, monitoring and looping back to viewing, continually. We must use technology like AI in our learning processes. This will assist in creating a closed loop system that is moving us and our businesses forward.

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