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#AI@Work: Will AI Force Education to Focus on Employment?

Many of these jobs are high paying middle-class jobs and many of these jobs are in the service sector. Even those jobs that will not be eliminated will be disrupted by STARA. Many of these jobs will not be replaced. The highest incentive is to replace employees in the service sector. This is true because workers account for the largest overheads. This saves company money, lowers liability, and cuts costs. It’s not just low paying jobs, but any job that can be routine enough to automate and simple enough to codify is susceptible to STARA.

This brings to light an entirely new perspective on how employers and educators must see jobs. And how learning and development needs to support employment. Careers need to be viewed as dynamic and borderless. We need to educate and train employees not for just one setting. Rather we need to train for dynamic, ever-changing and evolving work environments. These changes are wide and deep. They have huge implications for people at work. They have huge implications for how organizations will manage and compensate workers. Career satisfaction and turnover are just two of the many issues that will be affected by new technologies. This invasion of STARA will affect younger and older workers. The main impact of STARA will fall on those entering the workforce now and moving forward.

The implications for education are huge. Colleges, universities and training institutions need to understand the costs of education. Education needs to be about employment. As industries and economic sectors go into decline, educators need to focus on employment not on employability at a national and global level (Brougham and Haar,
2017). Employment is having the skills to get a job now. Employability is having the skills to maintain it and to gain upward mobility in your career.

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