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#AI@Work: Better Data and More Reliable Info

AI will enhance the education process. It will be able to adapt, defuse knowledge faster and use visualization and more entertaining tools. Walmart is using VR (Virtual Reality) for training employees how to stock shelves and how to handle the Black Friday crowds. Voice technology will be able to recognize different languages, dialects, and speech patterns. AI can access massive amounts of information to understand what is being asked. It can combine the information gathered from the device. As speech recognition improves, devices should provide privacy to an individual speaking to or hearing AI assisted learning. Unless this is mastered, we will only raise the “noise level” of our surroundings. This makes AI a less favorable method of communicating. The “hands-free” nature of speaking to our devices is very natural. It is a comforting way to introduce AI improvements to our lives. We already see the usefulness of such devices as Amazon Echo or Google Home. This, coupled with the IOT capabilities, allows us to talk to and gain insights from our devices. AI is sitting behind the scenes.

AI can benefit us immensely in areas of data integrity. Over the many years, we have progressively converted our information from one platform to newer platforms. This requires us to sometimes guess what the converted data really means. As a result, our business intelligence is tainted with erroneous or useless data. This is not because there is no need for that information. It is because the integrity of that data is highly suspect. AI can help reduce or even eliminate the problem. AI automation moves data input into the hands of those most directly involved with the transaction. It can ensure that the data is more reliable. It can compare the context where it is entered and make or suggest corrections. It can instantly create a better analysis of related data to make sure the data is highly accurate .

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