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#AI@Work: Agility, Awareness & Planning?

Change is what revolutions are all about. Change is the act or instance of making or becoming different. Revolutions are major, sudden and typically violent. They can change government, social structures or mean the complete 360 degree turnaround of a company. AI has the potential to have a revolutionary effect on the workplace. AI has the ability to have an impact on the world we live in that is greater than the industrial or digital revolution. Whether it’s the influence on life span, automation, jobs being taken over by robots, the education system or the way we think, AI will be disruptive, and obsolescence is inevitable. The first signs of obsolescence can already be seen.

The biggest devastation that AI will bring soon is job displacement. Millions of people will lose their jobs. Because of our lack of agility, awareness and planning, AI has the potential to harm a lot of people. It will disrupt the way we learn, the way we live and what has normally given a great deal of meaning and passion to our lives: our jobs

The biggest and first influence of AI on our lives will be in the workplace. The impact will be more devastating and far-reaching than anything that came before it. This is because the effect will be spontaneous and because we live in an interconnected society. The digital revolution brought us big data. And the ability to buy goods and services from all over the globe. It brought us increased competition and new business models that changed entire industries. It also brought us increased wealth inequities and unemployment. Our challenge moving forward with AI is to use it to our advantage. This can happen by providing new products and services while increasing productivity. We need to create a plan for retraining, educating and creating new jobs and distributing wealth more equally.

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