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#AI@Work: 37 Billion Dollars Is Waisted Annually

AI has already impacted the workplace positively. AI technologies will play an even larger role moving forward. There will be more change and disruption in the next five years than there has been in the last twenty. This is because the population entering the workforce is demanding it. Training and career development are increasingly important. Employees expect new learning opportunities to go along with salary and benefits. Flexibility, both in location and changing job roles, goes hand in hand with the agile workplace. Geographical boundaries replaced by technologies allow for collaboration and productivity from anywhere. This saves the company money. It improves the lifestyle of the employee. It also changes the way we onboard and support our workforce. This is where AI comes in to play.

An estimated 37 billion dollars is waisted annually because new employees don’t understand their jobs. The four “Cs” of onboarding – compliance, clarification, culture and connection – are what help new employees to be productive and engaged. Having a personal assistant help you through this process is invaluable. AI assistants are enabling new hires and employees that change jobs or transfer locations to understand their roles quicker and better. AI can build confidence by helping ease the disruption innate in new environments, new people and new roles. Flying people around the globe for training and onboarding has become obsolete. By 2025 young people will make up 75% of our workforce. Technology has always been a part of most millennials’ lives. Technology is going to play a larger role in attracting and retaining this talent. AI is helping us connect and train workers.

A college degree is not what it used to be in the workplace. The agile workplace requires training and retraining, learning and relearning, new skills, new knowledge and new attitudes. The job roles and skills needed are rapidly changing just like the technologies that support them. The faster technologies move, the greater the skills gap and the more important constantly having new opportunities to learn becomes. When asked, Henry Ford said, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” Our adaption of technologies into the world of education so far has been exactly that, faster horses. Disruption is not about faster horses. Real revolution is coming and the way we teach and learn will dramatically change.

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