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#WFH: Discover the Power of Suggestion!

The seeds have been planted. We buy pills because they have been represented to us by commercials showing better lifestyles. We see the elephant and the donkey and thoughts of political differences bubble up and we react. The thoughts are flowing from patterns that have been established by us through a lifetime of living. Symbols are established through our use of the senses and then recalled when something cues them in our mind. When you see the symbol “©” you know it means the copyright. When you see “” you know it is the smiley face. When you hear a siren, you know it means the police or firefighters are close. When you smell cinnamon, it means the holiday season is here. Through the ages, many artists, writers, singers and inventors have known that suggestion is a powerful tool.

You have been conditioned to think of work as a place, so establish one. When you are in this space you will more likely be able to keep your thoughts on work because you have established it as your workplace. You are not here to do laundry or shop. You are here to work. What kinds of simple suggestions might you want to send to yourself when you are working in the virtual environment? Start with a simple symbol, like the company logo on your screen saver or your mouse pad. You might want to add a picture of the virtual team on the desktop or a calendar. When you are in your workspace, place things nearby to remind yourself that you are working. Simple symbols and suggestions like this help more than you would imagine.

The next step might be to get out of your pajamas and put on a work outfit. If you dress for work, you are more likely to do work. You certainly don’t have to wear a suit every day, but it would not hurt, either. Wear a casual outfit if that fits your style and personality, but be sure you are sending a signal that when you are in these clothes you are at work. Get out of the exercise clothes and the lounge apparel: it is too personal, too relaxed and you are sending the wrong signal if you want to get work done.

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