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#WFH: Are You Stuck in a Negative Rut?

Aligning your connections starts with being connected to yourself. When you catch yourself thinking a negative thought or one that is not helping you achieve your priorities, realign it. You can waste a tremendous amount of your day thinking about what is wrong, draining a lot of your productivity. It is almost impossible to be authentically productive when you are stuck in a negative rut. Words have power, so look at the words you are using. Write them down if you think it will be helpful. Remember the internal/external, positive/negative quadrants ? Map it out if you need to. Are you above the line and in the top quadrants? Are you open at the top?

Checking in with you and supporting yourself is essential for success in the virtual environment. It is way too easy to get sidetracked off-task and off-schedule. Whether you are running your own business or working for an organization, you need to check in regularly with your thoughts, feelings and actions. Review your performance over the last 24 hours, then the last week. How are you doing? What have you gotten done? What worked well? What did not work? Don’t beat yourself up for every little thing that did not work. Don’t forget to praise yourself for those things you have accomplished. Most importantly, be honest with yourself and make adjustments. Go back and review some of those personal project management techniques. Be honest and objective with yourself. See this observation like a movie. Do not judge. If it is not going the way you want it to go, how do you intend to resolve it? Anxiety, fear, exhaustion, depression, stress and a host of other negative patterns will zap your ability to function in the face-to-face world and the virtual world. The difference is, in the virtual world, usually you are the one who has to take the initiative to pull yourself out of it.

It is imperative to support virtual workers just like any other members of your teams or workforce. Virtual workers are and will continue to become an integral part of the business environment. They will come in many sizes and shapes and with a wide variety of skills and human behaviors. These people, whether they work internally or externally, as expert consultants or administrative assistants, will need support to be successful. Fortunately, the technology tools we have available today make the support much easier than ever before. Learning, training, counseling, interviewing and job performance can all be supported using technologies.

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