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#WFH Privacy? I Didn’t Make the Bed?

Depending on where you are, people can seem to have too much access and you may feel you have too little control. Other personal and privacy limits are also breaking down. Where you are and what you are doing is being tracked in the cloud. To use a free app, you give away your location or divulge other personal information. Your personal life is not your own. Your parents can connect with you anytime and so can your children. If your parents want to see their sweetie-pie grandchild, you are expected to put your child on the video stream. Being out-of-town on a business trip is not an excuse to miss little Sara’s play – you can catch it on your tablet. You have no excuse for not connecting, but it is not always on your terms (Zimmerman, 2010).

On video chat, your employer can see that your office is a mess and you haven’t made your bed. On the other hand, you might find yourself checking your kids’ text messages, Facebook pages or tweets. Then there are the children who talk to their parents via text 20, 30, 40 or more times a day. When do they have time to develop their own space, make their own decisions or build their own lives? To get on with life, you need to have a sense of your own identity. You can spend so much time connecting with everybody else that you forget the importance of connecting with yourself (Orenstein, 2009).

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