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# WFH Can You Let Go of “It’s Never Enough?

In order to overcome the endless to-do list, you must be willing to look at the demands you are placing on yourself and what your priorities are. Then comes being authentically productive so you can create the work-life balance you said you wanted. If you are always avoiding a task, ask yourself why you are avoiding it. What is the future reward? What is your biggest fear? What do you expect to gain or lose by getting it done or not getting it done?
If it seems overwhelming, break it down and make it more manageable. The old adage of taking baby steps holds true. To be authentically productive, you have to do something and you have to do something that is related to achieving your priorities. You need more than just inspiration and creativity. You need to take action to be productive. It can be thought action or doing action. Authentic productivity means moving toward what you want to accomplish.

You are probably not always going to be comfortable while working to be authentically productive. Once you have mastered the art of acting with autonomy and setting and enacting your own priorities, you then must put the pedal to the metal and get things done. You are being authentically productive if you are accomplishing what you want to and you feel good about it. If you feel guilty, weak, ashamed, anxious or overly stressed, you don’t need to complete complicated calendars or add more to your already exhaustive to-do list. You need to get to it and do it. Then sit back and applaud yourself for how well you are doing and let go of the “it-is- never-enough” guilt. As long as you and let go of the “it-is- never-enough” guilt.

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