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#WFH: Get Started With Measuring Remote Performance NOW!

• Get started and set down a foundation for something

• Get buy-in from those people whose performance we will be measuring

• Put some forethought into measuring and the implications of interpreting that measurement. What does it imply? What actions might we take?

• Keep it simple to begin with and communicate the intent

Start where you are now. Getting better at measuring performance in the virtual workplace means searching for clues about what the obstacles are, how you might do things differently and what expectations you should have for these workers. This can translate right back into performance improvements in all areas. Once you have determined what is really happening, be sure to share it and develop an implementation plan for change and support. Determining what needs improvement is only important if you are willing to take the steps necessary to improve it.

Make sure you look at the root causes of the issues in the virtual workplace, not just the people involved. Do you have the systems, processes and interfaces you need for people to succeed? Look for those root causes and fix what needs to be fixed for good. Don’t take the easy approach and put a Band Aid on it. Problems that are not solved will return more robust than ever. Performance targets need to make sense to everyone involved. If they are just numbers or ideas out of the air, then people won’t take them seriously.

Remember that performance is about people and people deserve respect. The virtual workplace is much less tolerant of what should never have been tolerated to begin with: meetings that make no sense but go on and on; committees that procrastinate, prolong and create obstacles for no real rea-son; and teams that rely on group think and squelch innovation.
The virtual workplace relies on teams and teams rely on honest working relationships. Highly functional virtual teams rely on synergy. Virtual workers need appreciation from their team members and this appreciation needs to be conveyed. Intuition plays a big part in managing the invisible but needs to be backed up with clearly communicated expectations and measurement. Intuition is important but we all make mistakes and frame things based on what we know and believe. Implicit bias is alive and well in all of us. Clearly defining, communicating and mea-suring performance can go a long way to eliminating distrust and assuring results.

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