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Can You Respond & Not React In Your Home Office?

Technologies have given us the ability to carry out our ideas. We can make our thoughts a reality. Publishing and presenting our ideas is easy. The world is flat. The world now belongs to the doers, the practitioners. It is no longer enough to figure out what has to be done. The time has come to take responsibility and do it. The layers of hierarchy are being eroded. You get to respond directly to every ringtone, every email blip and every chat ping.

Respond-ability…is your aptitude for leading your destiny in the virtual world. Responding is acting and not reacting.
The virtual world is an environment that is much more flexible but much less secure (Altman, 2009). This is a place without the typical walls or boundaries established in the physical world. It is also a place where mental and emotional walls can tumble down. Digital technologies have given us the ability to connect but remain isolated by letting us work in our own space, mostly unobserved, and in charge of our own destiny.

To lead in this highly connected, interdependent world, you want to respond to it in a self-determined, independent way. You want a personal skill set that allows you to function at a very high level. You need the freedom and autonomy to develop new and authentic solutions to very real problems. You need to stay connected in a way that is beneficial and allows you to get the job done.

The Five Respond-Abilities

Our ability to function in this new workplace environment is highly dependent on our ability to function as happy, healthy, well-balanced people. The five respond-abilities of The Pajama Effect are learned skills. All of us want to know how to survive and thrive on the digital frontier. Some of us do this well and some of us may need a little work.

The five “Respond-abilities” in The Pajama Effect are:

1. Act with autonomy
2. Set and enact priorities
3. Be authentically productive
4. Make responsible choices
5. Align connections

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