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Are You Able to Focus When You WFH?

Success depends on the individual’s adaptive capacity. Change in the virtual world is an everyday occurrence. The technologies change, the meeting times change, the kids’ schedules change, and the virtual environment moves on. New innovations lead to change. Change can be rather unnerving. The ability to embrace change and welcome it into our lives is something we are all going to have to achieve. Overcoming fear is the biggest obstacle to embracing change.

Making responsible choices doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun in this new world. In fact, if you don’t find a way to play and laugh you are probably not going to like it very much. One of the most important and responsible choices you will have to make is taking time off to relax. Get away from the emails, the chats and the connections. Yes, that is right; get out of the virtual world. Go for a walk, swim, play tennis, go to a concert. The saying used to be “unplug” but today everything is wireless, so just turn it off. You can do it although it is not easy. Like Pavlov’s dogs, you have been conditioned to check emails, texts and messages, but it is possible to shut them off.

If you don’t take time away to have fun and play, you are going to have a difficult time with focus. Without focus it is very difficult to make responsible choices. Some people can relax online playing games or talking to friends, but that is rare. Online is still on. You need to find the off button. The best way to do that is to get away and have fun.

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