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AI@Work: Agile is the Key

Never underestimate the importance of human creativity and mental flexibility. Both will play a significant role in the workplace of tomorrow. We need to start to embrace change and teach these skills in the workplace and in schools. Not just give them lip service, but incorporate affective intelligence, logic, ethics, values and judgment into all curriculums. Most educational institutions and organizations including the governments of the world are not
adapting quickly enough to the changes that are being initiated now let alone those that lie ahead.

According to Robot Ready, “The future of work is now and standing still is not an option. In order to shape the work of the future, organizations have a tremendous opportunity to redesign and cultivate this mindset of ‘both, and’ earlier in the learning process” (Robot Ready, 2019). Learning needs to be ongoing and complete. It needs to encompass those skills needed in the workplace and those skills that support the continuing evolution of humans. Humans need to learn and continue to learn both technical skills and human skills. This learning will take place in
the classroom, on the job, in training, online and in all other environments humans inhabit.
Get ready to learn. The future is not one of stagnation but of continued growth. This growth will require the ability to integrate technical and human skills. We will continue to discover what businesses, organizations and humans need in the workplace. New skills will have to be learned and relearned. More new skills will be added to the inventory of
both traditional education and workforce training. The skills gap needs to address people looking for
good work. It needs to include companies looking for talent, educators and learning and development
specialists. Agile is the key to our future. How we get there is through continued improvement in AI and continued
human learning.

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