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AI@Work: Will It Impact 45% of the Workplace?

Agile is about being awake, alert, vigilant and prepared. Continuing change and growth are the foundations of an agile workplace. The agile workplace will require radical change by institutions and organizations. Changes in the way we do things and the mindset we bring to the tasks. Humans can look forward to a future where AI will bring
vast improvements. There will be improvements in productivity, freedom from boring work and in quality of life.

There is no question that dramatic change is coming. The idea that entire occupations will be replaced by AI is probably overstated. Certain activities within occupations may be automated. As a result, the entire business process will be transformed. In the United States this translates to about two trillion dollars in annual wages. Professionals are not immune. Physicians, financial managers, CFOs, CEOs and senior executives will all have parts of their jobs automated. Research suggests automation will impact nearly 45% of the workplace. That is nearly one out of every two workers.

Companies will be leaner and have less hierarchy.  Every person between decisions and decision makers costs money. The impact on work will depend on if what you do is routine. It won’t matter if it is cognitive or physical tasks. Routines are what AI does best. Companies will focus on core competencies. They will outsource other areas of work. Data analysis will continue to be strongly fueled by “Big Data” and data science. More traditional specialists and support personnel may be outsourced. Companies will focus on professional connections. They will create a support structure outside the company. These experts will be the basis of success in the digital workplace.

“Failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be.”
—John Wooden

Let’s Ask the Hard Questions

• How will we use AI? How will we keep it from being abused?
• How will we measure success?
• How will we guard against disaster?
• How will AI affect the workplace? Your job? Future jobs?

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