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AI@Work: How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Way We Work

Finally ready to rock and roll! I look forward to our discussions. I actually started this book before COVID but wrote #WFH:Work From Home when the pandemic hit. NY is  looking at a bill to force companies that use AI for HR, especially for recruiting, to audit the systems! Finally…YAHOO! Anyway, we are just starting down this road. It’s going to be a long one and an agile workplace will be more important now than ever.

AI is all around us. It has become an everyday thing. It helps us, it frustrates us and sometimes it makes us laugh. It impacts how we work, where we work and what we do at work. After years of “the robots are coming,” the bots have arrived. It’s hard these days to talk to a human in customer service. Barriers to entry kept AI at bay for decades, then it all changed. Google knew your birthday and Alexa and Siri were making recommendations for songs to listen to and recipes for dinner. AI and workplace disruption has only begun. Society hasn’t really felt the impact of this technology yet. Not like it will in the next few decades. Disruption of this magnitude will shake up how we work, learn and play on every level. It’s time to start thinking and planning for a new way of life. Let’s not get caught in the same traps we did when the Internet opened up data, privacy and a hole other can of worms.

AI will be bigger, more impactful and disrupt our lives even more quickly than the Internet did. Terms like deep learning, machine learning, big data, and little data are part of everyday conversations. The engineering of AI has begun. Now is the time to ask questions. What do we want AI to do? How can it help people? How might it hurt people? How will it reframe business processes? AI took a long time coming but now that it is here, it demands our attention and respect. Because without our respect, humanity is in trouble. This technology is powerful. More powerful than any other we’ve ever known. It al starts with being aware!

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