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How’s WFH Working Out For You?

The buck stops with you. The digital workplace gives you many more options and holds you much more accountable for your choices. One of the biggest challenges people have is being able to be in control of their choices. Every response is a choice. You always have the choice to respond or react. As long as you are conscious of what you are thinking and doing, you have a choice. It is in your control, your power and your account. That means you can’t blame it on someone or something else. The quickest way to let go of blame and victimhood is by becoming good at setting personal boundaries.

Boundaries come in many forms. There are physical, emotional, intellectual, time, effort and privacy boundaries. There are social, relationship, connectivity and response boundaries. There are many more. All of these boundaries are being blurred and changed by the new virtual environment. In order to act and not react to circumstances, events and people, you want to develop the ability to set personal boundaries, or limits. This becomes extremely important in the virtual world, which is seemingly limitless. Setting your own boundaries will help you to be less vulnerable and make responsible choices.

Vulnerability in The Pajama Effect happens on many fronts. You are more vulnerable because you are less guarded in a new element. You are not surrounded by the walls of expectation, nuances of structure and symbols of obligatory behavior you had in the traditional workplace. You are more exposed and more open to everything. Along with exposure comes sensitivity, and with sensitivity comes vulnerability.

Mixing business with pleasure requires you to make moment-to-moment choices and then align those choices with your priorities. There is no question that you are more sensitive to attack than you were within the walls of the corporate fortress. In the cubicle castles you had firewalls, security cameras, protocol and limits. In most cases, these reduced vulnerability. The Internet is a scary place; you are vulnerable to Trojans, worms, malware, spyware and viruses. But the virtual worker is really vulnerable to much more than that. The real vulnerability in The Pajama Effect comes from you being alone with you. #WFH #NSFW #VirtualWork #PJEffect #RemoteWork #ThePajamaEffect #BobbeGB