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#WFH: Working In A World of Constant Change?

COVID-19 forced us to innovate. Innovation in many organizations has become as extinct as Tyrannosaurus rex. This is really a di-lemma in a world of constant change. Success seems to depend on adapting to the new. Some organizations are waking up to the need to empower people. This requires inspiring them to think for themselves so that they can respond creatively to the relentless change that surrounds them. Other are still operating in a fear-based mentality. They are afraid of what they cannot see. They are afraid of losing control and afraid of the soldiers deserting. The Harvard Business Review writes books about innovation and the Economist runs articles on creativity. But what really needs to happen will not be created by essay. It will be inspired by technology and the freedom inherent in the virtual environment.

Technology gives us the ability to be independent yet connected. You can be at basketball practice in a high school gym in Philadelphia and have a meeting with someone in Japan. If you have a cellphone, tablet or a laptop and a connection you can engage in global commerce. Access to world markets is easy. Organizations are starting to understand that managing people that work in this detached but connected environment might require a new approach.

Businesses and organizations are using technology exponentially to communicate and organize “Big Data.” The hope is that the organization can impact the bottom line either by lowering costs or driving revenue. Technology provides opportunities to respond to global markets and create new relationships that may be advantageous. Technology allows people to interact, engage and share experiences without being physically together. This ability to interact without physical presence is what hap-pens in the virtual environment. These new environments exist because they can.

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