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#WFH Who Are You Listening to?

There are also a lot of voices out there in cyberspace and more coming daily. There are a host of sites, media, apps and texts waiting to draw your attention and influence your feelings. Some have commerce in mind, some want personal relationships and some just seem to want to annoy you. If you listen to everything, you run the risk of not paying attention to you. You can’t make everyone happy all the time and it is not your job. Being a people-pleaser is not going to work in the virtual environment. You are probably going to feel resentful because you are not getting the support you need. Some support might be there, but if it is, it is usually under the radar. Most companies are only beginning to understand they need to support folks in the virtual workplace.
When you are not paying attention to you, you are not listening to that little voice inside that is trying to guide you. You are not looking out for your best interests. Then you start to feel bad, resentful, fearful, and doubtful. Not much good is going to come from that. Start listening to what you say to yourself. There are hundreds of self-help books on the power of your thoughts and words, but none can help if you are not paying attention to what you are thinking and saying to yourself. In the online environment, there are many ways you can reflect upon where you truly are. Unlike the 20th century traditional workplace, the virtual workplace is highly informal but results-oriented.

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