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#WFH: What Do You Expect?

The expectation is that everything is moving faster, which is why it is even more important to slow down. We see, sense and perceive with an urgency that encourages reaction, which is why it is even more important to respond. The respond-abilities support your ability to succeed at whatever you choose. The pajama workplace gives you freedom and responsibility. You are responsible for your flaws, your talents and your strengths. In the pajama workplace, you expect to be more relaxed, less restricted and content. You expect to be in charge of your schedule, your time and productivity. You also expect to be able to succeed.

There is no instant way to transform behaviors. It usually takes diligence, patience and some effort to change, but it is possible. It is much less possible if you become discouraged and negative in your efforts. Celebrate the little successes and gains. Try not to isolate yourself. Instead, reach out to others. Humans by nature are connectors. Remember that you are a pioneer in the virtual world. The environment and landscape are very different than anything that has come before in the history of humans. It is just like the Starship Enterprise landing in a different galaxy. It takes some adjustments, but over time it will get to be much easier.

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