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#WFH What Are You Saying to Yourself?

Self-awareness is the key to aligning connections. Until you stop and realize how you are connecting with yourself and then everybody else, you are not listening. Stop and listen to what you are saying to you. If you want your own successes, you have to align your inner connections. What are you saying to yourself? Are you telling yourself you can’t get it done? Are you telling yourself it is too much? Are you telling yourself you can do it all? Are you telling yourself there is no use? You will never make the deadline anyway, so why try? Are you telling yourself you can make up an excuse, that your employer or coworkers will never know the car didn’t die or your kid wasn’t really sick? Excuses, apologies, alibis and regrets are not on the positive side of connecting. They signify defeat and guilt. Connecting with yourself means letting go of guilt and getting in touch with who and where you really are now. It requires honesty and self-reflection, learning and growing, and being willing to change what isn’t working.
Connecting with the self is about accepting yourself without judgment or fear. Start by listening to the messages you are sending yourself. To align your connections, you have to connect with you. If you have trouble with this you are going to have more trouble genuinely connecting with others. The connections or lack of connections with you are often what looks like broken connections with others. When you really know what your inner connections are all about, you have control over how you connect to others.

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