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#WFH: What Are You Paying Attention To?

Focused consciousness or thought is attention. What you give your attention to, multiplies. And you have a choice, each and every minute, about what you focus on. You cannot erase a negative but you can right now focus on a positive, productive, responsible thought. That is your choice. You have the power to choose. Choose fun, choose frolic and choose success. If you hate what you are doing, it is going to be hard to make yourself do it. If you enjoy it and have a reasonable amount of fun, it makes it so much easier. If you tell yourself, “I just can’t get anything done. I can’t focus. I am behind and it is hopeless. I better make up an excuse because I will never get this done. This is boring and I can do something else, no one will know,” you are setting yourself up for failure. Don’t be surprised when it happens. If, on the other hand, you focus on being productive, responsible and having a sense of humor, the virtual environment will be much easier to navigate.

Misunderstandings are common in an environment with so many cues missing. Do not take it personally. When in oubt, ask. The folks on the other end of the technology are new to this also. They are as confused as you are on how to stay focused and be happy. Choose to give them the benefit of the doubt. When you read that email or text, remember it is not meant to be a personal negative directed toward you. You are the one choosing to take it that way.

Ask yourself, “Is this rational? Is it even true? What am I reading into this? How am I bringing my thoughts and meaning into this interpretation? Might there be another way to think about this?” And then think about it in another way or think about something else altogether. Get your mind off the topic. Stop running it through your mind like a video stuck in a loop. Get over it and do not take it personally. Making the right decisions allows you to have fun, frolic and play, but stay focused on the tasks you need to complete. Stop creating thoughts of worry, anxiety, excuses and apologies. You can make a decision to act intelligently. Stop underestimating yourself and everybody else.

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