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#WFH: Ready to Take Your Power Back?

Making responsible choices is about taking your power back. If you have given too much power to your boss, your family or the social network, you can change that. When you let go of excuses, blame and projection, you take your power back. This is a big step because you stop lying to yourself and start being honest. The willingness to make improvements is what makes the difference. A social support system will help. Friends can be helpful also. This is where the company can step in and make it easier for the virtual worker by sponsoring classes and collaborative sessions that support people in changing and growing. Forget the condemnation and criticism. Create collaborative groups where people can establish bonds and attachments. Everyone needs a friend at work.

The ability to respond in the virtual environment is the difference between being in control of your destiny and being at the mercy of everyone and everything else. You have a choice. You can be the person in power and get what you want or you can play the victim. Excuses are cheap in the virtual world; in fact, they are free, but they do not help you gain autonomy. They do not help you become successful and they do not help you take control of your life. If you are dissatisfied, tell someone. Do not sit and stew over it internally. Do not try to overcompensate.

Resentment and attempts to control the uncontrollable are sure signs that you need to re-examine the way you are responding. If you are the team member who is attempting to do it all, back off. It is not your responsibility to do everything; you only need to do your job. By trying to do it all, you are trying to either rescue someone or control someone. That will not benefit you in the virtual workplace. When you feel resentful, it is a warning that the connection is not mutual. Aligning your connections is a mutually beneficial response. You can’t connect with someone else if they do not want to connect to you. Don’t punish yourself; just do your job and let someone else know your situation. Do not sit in isolation and fret. Reaching for others to support us is what aligning our connections is about. When we set and enact our priorities, aligning our connections lets us achieve our goals.

Remember, when you work virtually, you are working in an environment where most of the boundaries of the traditional workplace have vanished. You need to be more determined than ever to be in charge of your life. The benefits are more productivity, more autonomy and the ability to balance your life the way you desire, not on someone else’s terms. The challenges are many and this is very new. Never in the course of human history has so much change happened so quickly. The change is still coming. We are all still adapting to this and we are still enveloped by an increasing rate of change. New devices, new ways to connect and new connections make the virtual environment a bit like the Wild West. The rules are evolving and we are all adapting to a new world.

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