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#WFH: Do You Always Want to Do More?

These respond-abilities will help you be happier and more successful working virtually. As you begin to eliminate past programming and to think with autonomy, reward yourself. Setting and enacting your priorities is something that is beneficial to all aspects of life. Being authentically productive will help you lead in the virtual environment and realize your personal goals as well. Making responsible choices frees you from self-sabotage. Aligning your connections lets you meet your own needs as well as the needs of your job. When you take responsibility for your own life and how you respond to others, you quit making excuses and you stop being a victim of circumstances.
It is important to understand that success in your job is up to you, especially in the virtual environment. There usually is no one else there to intercede. Your life and how you blend it is your responsibility: you schedule, you act and you produce. If you say “yes” and you really mean “no,” eventually it will come out. You will be resentful and make excuses. An internal “no” wipes out an external “yes” every time! When you make a commitment to yourself and stick to it, you are acting with autonomy and overcoming compliance. Give yourself credit when you are successful. After all, you deserve it.

Do not ignore your feelings. Emotions have a purpose. They are a signal that has a function. Anger, fear and sadness all tell you that something is out of balance. Whether it is about a work issue or a personal problem, these emotions are part of who you are for a reason. Be glad you have them and acknowledge their message. The power of anger is to tell you that somewhere you are giving up autonomy. You are making or letting someone else have control of your life. Anger is a secondary emotion and the underlying emotion is usually fear. Fear is a warning to move away from threat. Ask yourself: What is being threatened? Is this fear real or imagined? If it is real, take responsibility for responding to it. Sadness is always a sign of loss. If you have lost an opportunity, a relationship or a raise, remember it is your responsibility to respond in a way that is beneficial to you. When you can, celebrate your victories and know that your confidence and autonomy will benefit.

If you are going to be authentically productive, you cannot go around rescuing other people, whether they are your kids, your parents or your fellow workers. You need to stay on task. This requires personal discipline and personal project management skills. Personal project management gets easier when you work at it. You develop your own your critical path and you stay on it. If you get off the path, make the adjustments necessary. Be sure to schedule and take time off. Overworking, overachieving or overdoing will cause burnout. Even if you feel obligated to do so, resist the urge to do more. More is a message that is prevalent in Western cultures and the pressure is everywhere.

Online, when the days never end and work is blended with play, you have to draw limits and set boundaries for yourself. When you achieve this, celebrate your successes. When you don’t, reboot. It is never too late to take control of your life.

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