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#WFH: How Good Are You? Compared to What?

The key to measuring performance is to com-pare. Without clear expectations, benchmarks and objectives it is impossible to answer the question “Compared to what?” The key is to start somewhere. There are plenty of measurement and evaluation formats out there. Some are better than others, but all have their points. The Balanced Scorecard, ROI, Performance Prism, Quantum Performance Management Model, Tableau de Bord and many more are popular.

What matters most is that we choose something that makes sense to the organization and DO IT. Customer needs and desires are the primary drivers of overall strategies, no matter how well that may be disguised. The primary driver of all training and learning is ultimately performance. This is what is of paramount concern in the virtual workplace too. Develop a strategy for measuring virtual workplace performance and implement it.

The ideal performance appraisal is a format not a form. It is a process that identifies strengths as well areas for improvement. It is a process for set-ting realistic, clear, well-defined expectations and measuring them. These expectations are for both leadership and virtual employees.

Performance appraisals have two primary functions, administration and learning and development. It is an iterative process where the results are applied at the individual, department and organizational levels. The standards applied to the individual virtual worker must tie in to the overall standards of the organization. There must be a feedback loop and a way forward. The administrative part of the process is more straightforward and needs to be considered first. The learning and development piece is more subjective and takes into account the individual’s skills and motivations within a context. Jobs and expectations are ever changing and nowhere is this more apparent than in the virtual workplace. What is important is that the processes and techniques used to do a performance appraisal are evidence based, valid and reliable. The ideal performance appraisal may not be achievable but progress is possible.

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