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#WFH: How Do You Enhance Human Performance?

The answer to change in human performance lies in addressing and supporting change in human behaviors. .
In the virtual world, workers still need to show up and be held accountable. It is management’s job to set those expectations. Leaders need the authority to take action. If employees are productive, reward them. If they are not, take the action necessary: implement improvement plans, have the hard conversations and, if necessary, release them. Bringing virtual employees back to the office doesn’t get rid of poor leadership practices. Both management and the employees need to understand that working in the virtual environment is still working. In order to do a job well, you have to give it your attention. You cannot be changing laundry, babysitting, caregiving or engaged in a multitude of other distractions and be productive. You have to show up on time and on task.

Working productively in the virtual world requires accountability, trust and performance. It is the job of organizational leadership to set the expectations for high performance: determine how often to meet, call on clients, do site visits, report information and whatever else it takes to get desired results. The responsibility to define and administer performance criteria belongs to the company’s leadership. Leadership needs to define and clearly communicate these performance expectations by establishing a clear purpose, common vision, business objectives and measurable outcomes.

There is no shortage of communication venues in the virtual world, but there can be a lack of real communications. It is the job of leadership to establish communications channels and make sure that they are kept open. Results are what matter, so company leadership needs to set the framework for how, when and what those successful results will look like. Then, leadership must effectively communicate that framework to everyone. Collaborating online works and good leadership works to make sure everyone knows they are an important and respected part of the team.

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