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#WFH: Do you Love the Freedom? Flexibility?

Freedom and flexibility are two of the most beneficial aspects of being a virtual worker. You have the freedom not only to create your own dress code, but also to flex your hours. For example, if you go to a doctor’s appointment in the morning, you know that when you return you must make up the lost time. You also have the freedom to check your emails on your smartphone and use the time spent in the waiting room productively. This might save you time later. In the virtual workplace, you are the boss of your time. You have more flexibility and freedom but also have more responsibility.

Many people have trouble adapting to this. It requires confidence to get back on track when one is temporarily pulled off. You have to be confident in your own abilities to get things done and to achieve results. If you struggle with low self-efficacy, you are going to have a hard time in the virtual workplace. All sorts of factors can sidetrack you, most typically: excuses, procrastination and self-criticism.

Excuses are a way to give yourself permission to not do what you know you need to do to get the job done. They release you from responsibility and give you a way to blame conditions or other people. Excuses give you a way of providing an explanation for your behavior or someone else’s. Psychologically, you are off the hook or have, at least, created the appearance of acceptability and less offensiveness. Some people become so good at this and so creative that they actually start to believe their own reasoning. These excuses can become really creative in the virtual world because you have the guise of invisibility. No one really knows if your excuses are true; you have no witnesses.

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