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#WFH: Do You Have Clear Expectations for Performance & Measurement?

Virtual performance agreements need to communicate clear expectations, business objectives, performance goals and measurements. For example: The purpose of Protector Insurance Inc. is providing international insurance products that offer quality protection with reasonable pricing. The individuals who work as part of this organization value our clients, our staff members, and our insurance companies, and respect the interests and goals of each group. We demonstrate those values through respect, trustworthiness and integrity in our dealings with each other and our clients. We measure success by our customers choosing us because they believe in our ability to meet or exceed their expectations of value, service and knowledge.

Next, list the objectives and make them measurable. Use verbs and quantitative measures where possible. Create statements that provide specific, realistic, practical and measurable objectives and actions. There is no room for anything vague here.

For example:

 The sales department members will communicate with each other at least twice a week.
 All customer communications will be handled in a timely manner, with response given within 48 hours.
 A 30-minute progress meeting will be held each Monday at 3 p.m. EST and everyone is expected to attend.
 Each week, progress reports will be reviewed on Friday and written recommendations sent out on Monday by 9 a.m.

These must be specific, not general, statements. They are the standards you want to establish for your organization and you want everyone’s buy-in. Sometimes it will even require you to make up your own definition of terms. The important thing is, don’t take anything for granted or assume. Make it clear, make it measurable and make it specific. The more clearly the expectations are defined, the easier it is to eliminate miscommunications.


The purpose of this business is to ……[State clearly in operational terms.] Our values include ………. [State clearly in operational terms] We demonstrate these values by ….. [State clearly in operational terms] ….so that these business objectives can be obtained: ….[List objectives and how the outcome will be measured] (Becker, Ballentine, Tedford & Lee, 2001).

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