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#WFH Armed with a Loaded Technology Arsenal

Thanks to the new technologies, society’s collective unconscious is becoming more and more conscious. Technologies are merging together and re-emerging as new “mash-ups.” GPS systems are joining with smartphone apps so that when you play games, there is a record of the game you played, time of the day when you played, street you were on and also who was in the living room with you when you played it. The number of apps, devices and web services you can use to connect seems almost infinite.
The importance of how you connect has shifted from what technologies you are using to how you are interacting with others. If you are open-minded and have the desire to try new things, you will have a much easier time being successful in the virtual environment. Similarly, having respect for others, a sense of humor, patience, tactfulness, humility, creativity, adaptability and appreciation will help also. So will tact, comfort with uncertainty, and flexibility. The most important change in connections, however, is a change in viewpoint.
This change is one of perspective, from “I” to “we.” You need a multidimensional perspective to view the world and technologies that have opened up. Today, your identity depends less on the family or neighborhood you grew up in, the schools or church you attended, or even the country you call home, because you are being exposed to multiple viewpoints. You learn that there are many sides to an issue and different valid ways to think about things.

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