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#WFH: 6 Months Later He Loved It!

MEET DAVID (cont.)

Extraordinarily, little of David’s workforce uses mobile platforms. Although most of them have the equipment, their jobs are not conducive to working from the park or the local Starbucks. They are IT people, and they are sitting at their desk and looking at their device(s). They usually do not have an urgent need to respond. They are working on their projects. As producers of content, programmers, or project managers, they are evaluated for their productivity based on the number of completes. A higher level manager’s performance is tied to the completes of those they are supervising and their ability to meet top-line or bottom-line expense controls and budgets. They do not experience many compatibility problems because they use all their own software. They use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection.

Bottom line, on a scale of 1 to 4, 1 being I do not want to do this anymore and 4 is I love it, David indicated he would be a 2. He likes going into the office, even though he admits that most of what he does could be done from anywhere. He gets phone calls at all hours of the day and night, but it really does not bother him because he does not have much of a personal life anyway. He plays a lot of roles. He is accessible from about 6 AM to about 9 PM. He does try to listen to his sister’s advice and make appointments with himself for things like dinner engagements and other social activities. If David had to give advice to SMB owners, he would tell them to get ready for change!

When I asked David six months later, this is what he said: Companies are continuing to downsize significantly and keep essential positions only. Domestic business travel is significantly reduced, and virtual communication is growing stronger and is more widely used. We have a virtual open-door policy on one video channel so clients can easily join in real time. I miss recreational activities, but nothing related to work. Most of our workers have been remote for years so the new normal looks exactly like the old. The competition is increasing, and more companies are going remote, which makes us more creative and competitive. I have learned to love working from home, now it would be a 4!

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