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How Does Working From Home (WFH) Influence You?
“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” Viktor Frankl

How different is the workplace of the 21st century? Our old systems of social interactions – the schools, the businesses and the relationships of the past – are vanishing. The old systems focused on compliance. In a world of innovation and connection, compliance just doesn’t cut the mustard. Compliance and autonomy are on two opposite ends of the stick. The virtual frontier requires self-reliance: no excuses, no victims and no alibis. The endless blending of work and play, family and profession forces you to think independently. It forces you to re-examine your priorities and get out of your silos. The virtual world is always on. There is no more waiting for the bell to ring so you know it is quitting time. Because you are always connected, you see the world as an interconnected, interdependent place.

The virtual workplace is more flexible, friendly and open, but also more removed. This causes us to react to each other differently. We change the way we establish and communicate our goals, desires, outcomes and intentions. In this new world, things have to have a purpose; your time and alignment are valuable. Things need to flow and flow with relative ease. There is a requirement for meaning that integrates one aspect of your life with another. There is less room for arbitrary acceptance and more desire to make everything count.

Information is everywhere, available to everyone and available instantly. It is only a click or a swipe or a voice command away. Text messaging is replacing the phone call. Quick little bites of thought are rapidly expressed and easily tagged. Information without purpose is useless. Every gadget, computer, TV or device is flooding you with an abundance of useful and useless knowledge. Too much is available and too little can be retained. You can find infinite amounts of information in any format – audio, text or video – or any combination. The “because I say so and I am important” law of value is dying. The professor or politician is no longer the authority. Old rules about what is important to know, and why, no longer apply. We are crowd-sourcing, social networking and collectively collaborating. #WFH #NSFW #VirtualWork #PJEffect #RemoteWork #ThePajamaEffect