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How Do You Function Working Virtually?

Your connection boundaries were set by who was in the classroom or who was on your team at work. When at work you talked to and connected with the people there. Why? Because you were working of course. A little personal communication was probably acceptable but two personal calls were considered not on task behavior. You knew these boundaries and you adhered to them. The expectations were clearly defined either in a spoken or written policy, or implied by the unspoken word.

For the most part, time and space were also well defined in the traditional work environment. You worked 9 to 5 or 12 to 7. You went to work and when you clocked out you were no longer expected to be on “company time”.  You didn’t bring your parents, your children or your dogs into the office. Why? You didn’t do it because this is company space. If you are going to be efficient you must stay on task. Being on task and reaching a standard of high performance means you have to concentrate, or focus on what it is that you want to accomplish.

Functioning with The Pajama Effect means blurring these boundaries. It means the company no longer sets up the boundaries, or at least not all of them, you do. It means a blending and blurring of expectations, emotions and behaviors; all of which have to managed and executed in a way that ultimately leads to your success.

You want to conscientiously decide to take proactive measures to keep yourself organized, focused, but also sane in the ever-challenging virtual office. The demands of the virtual workplace and the blending of your private world with professional responsibilities must be dealt with responsibly and carefully. Otherwise you are at risk of keeping yourself too busy to enjoy the little things in life that make you human, and of being unsuccessful in your professional and private life.

As stated earlier, technologies have been a constant driving force in this evolutionary change. It affects you the individual, the organization as well as society. It is highly unlikely that the changes that have already taken place will ever be reversed. You must be in a position to survive the sea of change but to also emerge as a valued professional, and a balanced individual. In order to be successful in the digital environment you need to manage the skills you have while you learn a new skill sets, new perspectives, and improve your ability to respond to the pressures around you.

When you hear yourself saying things like “I am trying to make the best of the situation” ask yourself if this is becoming an excuse. Trying your best means giving yourself the opportunity to learn the skills you need to be successful and get the tools necessary to make it happen. Or like Yoda said “There is no try just do!” The privacy you have in the comfort of your virtual office may cause you to do things you would not do in the traditional office space.

The digital world is one of dichotomy: on one hand there is a sense of privacy but on the other hand everything is being recorded by the very nature of the communications. Be aware of the traps you set for yourself, the excuses, and the negative self-treatises: “I tried doing it and it didn’t work out, so it’s okay.” Light your own path and arm yourself with the courage to say “I will succeed” and believe it. #WFH #NSFW #VirtualWork #PJEffect #RemoteWork #ThePajamaEffect