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AI@Work: What Does IOT Have to Do With It?

The IOT (Internet of Things) will offer direct connections between customer and suppliers. There will be more autonomy for the worker. This will require more training and ongoing skill development. Matrix structures are already here. More companies may be using them to support both technical and human employment. One of the big questions is the sharing of economic risk. How will that be divided between employee and employer?

The “Gig” Economy offers freedom and autonomy. The work on demand culture shares risks differently. Entrepreneurial risk has shifted with the independent contractor. This has advantages and drawbacks for both parties.

The implication for employment dynamics and  and redefine positions. Workplace performance will include the potential to automate and the economics of automation. The benefits can be much greater than the ability to lead and manage it will be a competitive difference. AI will support the automation and force companies to redefine jobs and business processes. In most cases, automation will meet or exceed the current level of humans on the job. AI will impact jobs. Retail sales, food and beverage servers, teachers and healthcare specialists are and will be affected. Less
than 5% of all occupations will be fully automated but the impact on business and the workplace will be

The agile workplace offers workers a greater amount of meaningful work. AI will replace routine and repetitive services. Employees will be able to focus on creativity and human emotions. In the new workplace the focus will be on activities rather than occupations. As AI continues to unfold, it is important to develop agile work environments. Agile supports evolving business processes. Companies will become more service oriented. They will replace
fixed operations with intelligent solutions. Fixed operations are replaced based on costs and benefits
and business needs.

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