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#AI@Work: Strategy, Syrategy….& Strategy

Innovative technologies are coming to the workplace at increasing rates. Every day new technologies are being tweaked into some new application. Applications that teach interviewing, collaboration, conversation and coaching skills are delivered as games, eLearning and videos. Successful organizations are trying to sort through this explosion of apps. They want products that will support organizational performance. Successful organizations learn to focus on solutions not on technologies. The business environment is increasingly complex.

It’s not a question of if AI will make it into our workplace but how. There is a lot of hype and fear generated around AI. AI will offer us practical solutions to many issues. Leadership will make all the difference in how AI affects a particular industry, segment or workplace. Changing business processes requires bold vision and transparency that all stakeholders can grasp. It will be a balancing act between business objectives, economic reality and the ethical mplications of the impact on people. People are and always will be the most valuable resource of any organization. By improving what people are good at and minimizing their shortcomings, leadership will find a way to integrate AI into the business equation. AI can be used to strengthen our workplaces. AI can make them safer, more reliable and more productive, and improve the way we live and work

AI will continue to learn, and machine learning will continue to automate complex tasks and interact with us in ways that can be termed intelligent. AI will continue to take in and analyze information, make assessments and evolve. Deep learning will continue to learn from data, using patterns and algorithms. The implications of analyzing and making inferences from extremely large amounts of data without getting tired is what computers do best. What humans do best is strategy.

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