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AI@Work: Solving Problems Faster!

It is highly likely that people will need new environments for learning. New outcomes will not be geared to a degree or singular mastery of tasks. Rather they will reshape what we need to know and how/where to apply that knowledge. Current thinking puts soft skill learning into courses in preparation for the work environment. Businesses recognize that senior employees may not possess the leadership skills they need to move forward. Mentoring, team building, presenting and communicating are essential skills. Social skills and innovation are examples of what senior executives find lacking in the workforce.

Education will be enhanced when AI monitors processes and people. AI will be able to recommend changes to the environment to produce better outcomes. AI will collect information to help recognize the learning styles that produce the best results. And AI will find a home in the recruitment of staff based on assessments. It will use analysis to hire the most adaptable workers to fit the new workplace. AI has the ability to amass information for the purpose of recognizing patterns.

Recognizing potential success or harm provides companies with the ability to let training become self-directed. Companies will rely on AI to monitor the readiness of people, teams and the workforce for change.
AI can help to make the actions support success. It can temper conclusions by presenting additional information to support actions and decisions. Mobile apps combined with better voice recognition allow workers to access pertinent information. When and where they need “problem solving” they can find it on the “shop floor,” in the field or even at home. With all the apps available, bringing teams together through mobile is easy. Introducing an AI team into the mix will result in faster problem resolutions. The future value of AI will be to propose new “problems” – things to think about – and measuring the outcomes. New scenarios will also be “crowd-sourced” to allow all areas of the business to contribute to a solution. AI combines solutions to problems to use as benchmarks for future problem solving.

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