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AI@Work: Rolls, Skills, Retraining & Retaining

Success moving forward depends on more than technology. The robots are here and now it is our job to make the robots (AI) work for humans. This puts a spotlight on training and education. Companies and organizations need and will continue to need talent. The skills gap will continue to increase because technologies will continue to evolve in complexity and scale. It is not just about new algorithms and systems. It’s ultimately about people. There is an
ongoing need to train AI experts. We are obviously still trying to understand the huge changes facing the workforce. These changes will determine how and when training can be used to refocus and reposition humans. The magnitude
of job loss in the coming decade will be extensive. The effect will reach far and deep. There are ethical consequences to these cuts in the workforce.

We have only begun to feel the impact. To use a well-worn analogy, implementation of AI will be like a snowball rolling down a hill. AI presents the chance of blending the best of what machines can do with the best of what humans can do. Humans bring experience, judgment and empathy that coupled with AI augmentation will usher in new ways of working. The threat to jobs is only partly about automation. Changes in the workplace will impact job rolls, skills, retraining and retaining workers. Companies and workers alike cannot be complacent. The AI revolution will affect all of us. Whether companies choose to hire from outside or retrain and reposition, continuing education and learning will play a huge role in our future. Ultimately, it is all about human talent.

AI can make workers better at their jobs. It can make them happier in their positions and more comfortable at home. It can empower people to make better decisions and increase job satisfaction. Both companies and individuals need sound strategies for talent development and continuing education. It’s very important that we start now. The “arms race” for high quality technical talent has only begun. Technical talent is not the only talent that is needed for success. Companies need leadership. They need executives who can speak and understand the
technologies. They need workers who understand the limitations and uses of data and analytics

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