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#AI@Work: Do You Trust the Gatekeepers?

Standards of trust and accreditation like academic tenure and the Carnegie hour are being challenged. New models of learning continue to spring up. Models that are professional, transferable, stackable, experiential, chunk-able and credentialed. It’s not just about knowledge or transferable skills anymore, it’s about the ability to continue to learn throughout a lifetime. The changes we face and continue to face with AI moving at lightning speed require an ability to problem solve, collaborate and communicate. Roles are being redefined not in terms of job descriptions but in terms of dynamic tenets. Organizations are becoming more agile. Everyone owns a piece of everything and is responsible for success. The watch words are agile, open and consensus.

Blockchain and AI together are incredibly powerful. They offer employers the ability to match projects with proven capabilities. They can match Human Resource training with increased capabilities and return on investments. Higher Education hasn’t changed. It is relatively isolated and disconnected. It offers scholarship. It has not yet used advancing technologies effectively to break down the division between institutions, professors, industry, parents and students. This will require institutions to make deep structural changes quickly. Time is not on their side. Blockchain offers trust, security and integrity and the ability to create a global network of learning accreditation without walls. Currently, most institutions see very little reason to change even though change is pounding on their door. The widespread adoption of the Internet caused them to lose their monopoly on knowledge. They still own educational brands and credentialing. But how long can this last? How long until the gatekeepers lose trust and the old immovable paradigm crumbles? Blockchain and AI together offer a promising future for learning and global networking that threatens to replace an old, outdated and expensive system for learning.

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