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#AI@Work: Celebrate, Transform Not Disappear

We cannot compete with machines, but we shouldn’t have to. So far little disruption has occurred in education. We have created online course rooms, eLearning classes and virtual worlds with online campuses. Second Life is a perfect example of chools spending millions of dollars to recreate their face-to-face buildings in a virtual environment. Human tutoring so far has been the gold standard in education. All this is about to change and change rapidly. The disruption will come in both the learning and development space and traditional education. All learning will change when we break through barriers and build interactive learning environments (ILEs). ILEs will let us individualize the learning and put it where we need it.

We have begun to see this in Virtual Reality (VR) and with Virtual Assistants (VA) on the job. Thanks to the volumes of data both active and ambient learning has become a science. ILEs are engineered to support the learner but also to collect and analyze data so that AI can help us learn how we learn. Whether it is a computer, handheld device, robot or wearable, AI is helping us analyze how and what people learn and why. Experimentation in various content domains, various education processes, self-regulation, resilience and grit, collaboration and motivation are just a few of the insights AI is starting to provide. Will traditional classroom environments become obsolete? Probably. Certainly, education is one field that will experience widespread disruption. The more we learn about learning science using AI, the more we will be able to construct ILEs that support those principles.

Obsolescence and disruption come to us with great promise, vast improvements in productivity, freedom from heavy and boring work and an improved quality of life. To state that all jobs, organizations and educational institutions are becoming obsolete is misleading. But it is not an understatement to say the future of work is change.

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