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#AI@Work: AI Changes Everything

AI requires monitoring because it is moving so quickly. Robots are displacing people in almost all areas of the workplace, it is just a question of who and how. This means looking clearly at the technology. High quality, reliable, consistent data analysis is a must for AI. The focus of the impact of AI needs to stay on the human experience. Humans are ultimately responsible for the decisions AI is making. Automating cognition, judgment and reason is not without challenges. AI has a role to play in almost every industry which means it is mainstream and can and will have a huge impact on our workplace. It’s time to talk. It’s time to get a plan in place. Humanity is moving forward, and very quickly with installed AI.


Uber disrupted the transportation business, Airbnb the hotel business and Amazon just about every business. The question becomes one of speed and adaption. This requires a fundamental shift in how people view work. From HR to the production floor there is a great emphasis on using AI to support rapid change. The disruption is rampant. Industries, sectors, products and positions are transforming before our eyes. Work is no longer about just hiring people and tracking hours worked. It is about productivity, and the ability to respond quickly to changes in market conditions, customer demands and technological innovations. What will be done by AI and what will require human intervention? Business will need to hire smarter and train better. It will be crucial for businesses to acquire and keep the best talent. The world of robots makes treating humans with respect imperative. Humans seek more from work than robots. They need connection, meaning, value, development and acceptance.


The workplace and the educational system have to keep up with the rest of the world. Advances in technologies have made the world more accessible, convenient and enjoyable. AI, chatbots, vocally activated technology, machine learning, social platforms, mobile apps, virtual reality, mixed reality, adaptive technologies and a host of other technologies have found their way into our workplaces.

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