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You Might be a Visual Learner If ?

There are many quizzes and short tests you can take for free online that will tell you what your dominant learning style might be. Just saying….you might be visual learner if:

You write everything down when you are listening to a lecture or a speaker.
You have endless to-do lists.
You have Post-it notes everywhere.
You remember what people are wearing or wore in the past. You remember faces but not names.
You like charts, graphs and graphic representations.
You remember the setting more than the plot.
Spelling is not your strong point.
You have a conversation with yourself rather than listening to another.

You copy things over from one place to another.
You like to transcribe your notes.
You have a whiteboard and a chalkboard handy.
You like to doodle.
You like math.
You know the color of your friend’s eyes.

You can tell a story and describe the scene in great detail.
You are affected by subtle changes in lighting.
You could not live without your PDA, personal calendar or appointment book.
You create mind maps, flow charts, and graphic representations easily.
You learn to do a physical task like hitting a tennis ball best if someone shows it to you first.

Give yourself a point for each one that applies to you. If you scored better than 10, you just might be a visual learner.
If you want to take an additional VAK quiz just for fun, you can find one online. My guess is that you already know you are a visual learner.