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#WFH: Who Are You Arguing With?

Your subconscious mind cannot argue with you and you cannot argue with it. That is the job of consciousness to dispute, focus and pay attention. Your subconscious mind is the seat of habit. It is very powerful, much more powerful than conscious attention. Your subconscious can help or hurt you when it comes to getting things done. The habits you form in thought and beliefs establish patterns in your subconscious mind. Make sure that the thoughts are ones that allow you to achieve the outcomes you really want. Your subconscious mind reacts, your conscious mind responds. Your conscious mind is capable of thinking things out for itself. Your subconscious reacts to symbols and has no preference for one course of action over another.

Be aware of your thought habits. Become aware of what you think about all day long. Suggestion is the mental process of putting something into your mind, either a thought or an idea. Then you have the choice consciously of entertaining it, accepting it, putting it into action or disputing it. But you can only do this if you are aware. Your conscious mind has the power to recognize suggestions and reject them. A suggestion has no power over you unless you accept it mentally.

Symbols act like auto-suggestions. You can use auto-suggestions to overcome fears and responsibly enact your priorities. One technique is to sit quietly, still your mind by breathing or repeating a saying and focusing on what you want. Be positive: “I am working and meeting my goals. I take it one task at a time and I am making progress. I stay on task and do what I need to do. I am responsible and meeting my deadlines.” Those little words you say to yourself are very important. What you tell yourself all day is what happens.

The power of suggestion and symbols can be constructive or destructive. You can receive suggestions from other people as well as objects. What is important is that you use suggestions so that you can be successful working in the virtual environment. If you let others rule you through the power of suggestion, you will not be able to achieve the results you want. You will not be able to act with autonomy, set and enact those priorities, be really productive or make responsible choices because you will not be in charge of you. When you turn your power over to symbols and suggestions that do not align with what you want, you pay a price.

Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want. Use symbols and suggestions consciously to cue your mind to counteract destructive ideas and unproductive urges. Don’t let friends, family, parents, professional associates, or anybody else control your consciousness. It is yours and yours alone. Most negative suggestions are constructed around fear and control. Be in charge of you; let others worry about themselves. You can’t think for them and they can’t think for you. Think responsibly and you will make responsible choices.

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