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#WFH The Internet Never Forgets

Cultural barriers separate us from others. We all know the world is growing smaller and we are more connected to each other. But these connections have to come at a more integral level than through just using technologies; they have to be on an individual, personal and human level. The mental processes and rules of interacting in business and life are strongly influenced by the cultures that engulf us. Our beliefs, actions and interactions are often a subset of culture. Cultural barriers are hidden just below the surface. If you know what they are, they are not usually barriers. When we think of culture we tend to think of foreign lands and faraway places, but culture is pervasive. It is part of organizations, families and corporations. It is spoken and unspoken.
The Internet records everything and forgets nothing. That is just the way it is currently on the digital frontier. Little attention has been given so far to ethics, privacy and life online. This is true for the workplace but is equally true for personal data. You can be long gone, to the great beyond, yet still thriving in cyberspace. Posting everything has become a really a big problem. One of the biggest issues is lack of awareness. What you are sharing? What is staying out there? Once something goes viral, it is literally everywhere (Baron, 2005).

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