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AI@Work: What is Work of Higher Value?

Companies will leverage internal innovation, and their ecosystem of vendors and distributors. The organization’s structure from the past will fade away. We are already using customer feedback in the form of surveys. Surveys gather the results of a process. These include product sales, customer experience, and enjoyable interactions. With AI, we can make rapid process changes. These will directly affect the successful outcome of a business. Enterprises will focus on a series of subsequent outcomes. These will lead to a business objective, regardless of who or
where they are being performed.

The shift in focus will be toward work of higher value. Even the highest paid occupations will be supplemented by AI. Occupations like lawyers, professors, physicians, sales and many others will be enhanced. AI will be used for text mining and lead generation. This will leave the professionals to assume higher cognitive roles. These shifts will not
be without challenges. Professionals will have time to practice soft skills, from running meetings to coaching, to interviewing and providing feedback. This will happen in a safe environment with the intent
of teaching human to human interactions.

AI skills will expand and include diagnosis if you are a doctor, and selling skills if you are a salesperson. The workplace will be influenced by the coming together of multiple technologies. This will not be about one single technology. It will advance when business needs line up with high-tech options. Talent development will have the chance to create new processes, applications and solutions. New technologies will change the roles and interactions
of employees.  Workplace trends to watch are using AI for the intersection between business needs and redundant skills and services.

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