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#AI@Work: What Got Us Here, Won’t Get Us There!

Cognizant identifies a lot of new jobs. Will they all come to fruition? Who knows? What is important here is the focus on what AI can bring us and how we can redefine and retrain the workforce of the future. It will be very different. Organizations and industries will experience big changes. Some will survive. Others will recreate themselves and thrive. The key here is agility. Agile means alert, approachable, nimble, and quick to respond. Let’s review some of the new job titles the future may hold: Data Detective, IT Facilitator, Ethical Sourcing Officer, AI Business Development Officer, AI Assisted Healthcare Technician, Cyber City Analyst, Financial Wellness Coach, Digital Tailor, Quantum Machine Learning Analyst, Virtual Store Sherpa, Augmented Reality Journey Builder, Flying Car Developer, Esports Arena Builder, VR Arcade Manager, Vertical Farm Consultant, Juvenile Cybercrime Rehabilitation Center Director, Algorithm Bias Auditor, Trust Officer and Smart Home Design Manager. These are just a few examples.

What got us here won’t get us there. Many people are excited and enthusiastic about what is emerging in the workplace. Others are scared that what little influence they had on the marketplace s disappearing quickly. One reflection is certain, humans want and need the human connection. Areas that support preparation, compassion and connection will flourish. The positions of the future will be what we make out of the new tools we have. This will take agility, innovative thinking and coaching. For entire industries to survive, they are going to have to reshape themselves; reinvent positions, products and markets; and retrain the workforce. Learning and development, adult education, traditional Higher Ed and even our K-12 systems are going to need to change how and why we educate. Humans are innovative, creative and always looking for a better way. They will eventually find it but the path ahead will not be straightforward or easy.

Even areas like auto repair accepted AI because insurance companies are pushing its adoption. In many industries AI is not a novelty, it’s the norm. AI can help resolve claims more quickly and more accurately than humans. Remote estimates, using visuals, benefit policy holders and insurance companies (Marshall, 2021). But what about the auto mechanics doing the work?

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