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#AI@Work: Don’t Under Estimate Humans

The labor force will change, and temporary work will increase. The public sector will need to change and adapt a more agile approach to structures and strategies. It won’t be as simple as overlaying digital solutions onto current procedures and processes. From education to healthcare and civil service, the governments of the world will need to transform how they operate. Blockchain will take over screening, and eliminate countless agreements, contracts and reimbursements currently handled by clerks. The transformation of public institutions may very well be the biggest challenge of the twenty-first century. The slower they are to adapt and the more governments cling to “the way we have always done it,” the less relevant public institutions will become.

Security is one area where a strong government presence is needed. Government needs to focus on risk and cybersecurity in all areas. Cybersecurity programs, legislation that addresses privacy concerns and the handling of data, are critical. It might be necessary to establish new units and look at new cost structures. It will definitely require an agile approach and reviewing and focusing on data. Legacy programs must remain workable, but upgrading is essential. Government must become competitive and willing to change processes that date back over half a century. The days of decade-long programs and solutions are gone. Moving forward, agile solutions and ongoing upgrades and improvements are what’s critical

Cognizant is doing a wonderful job of fortune telling our futures at work. In 2017 they came out with a white paper stating a positive approach to viewing AI in the workplace. It’s about time. There is a lot of negative out there. Because AI is moving so fast, it can be scary. The article published in 2017 begins to imagine changes. What will new jobs based on AI’s emergence in the workplace look like? One of the assumptions is that humans are going to be eliminated in the workplace, but the exact opposite is true. They will be more valuable than ever. To quote Cognizant, “Humans have never been more integral to the future of work” (Cognizant, 2017). Their work is based on some simple principles: work has always changed, lots of current work is awful, machines need man, don’t underestimate human imagination or ingenuity, technology will upgrade all aspects of society and technology both solves and creates problems.

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