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#AI@Work: Better, Faster, Cheaper

AI offers tremendous potential. It can improve production and monitoring. It can improve quality control checks and regulating power. It can make production more efficient, and less dependent on humans. Flexible production is a biproduct of AI. Data analysis is everywhere. This brings prices down and increases quality. Using data in real time to adjust and create flexible processes has enormous potential. Modern manufacturing uses AI to customize products and for small production runs. AI is used for production robots and automated virtual assistants.

Price Waterhouse Cooper (PWC) suggests nearly 62% of large companies use AI. Quality control, testing and machine maintenance are only a few applications. Many solutions are going to the cloud. Data is collected worldwide. Data links processes, products, plants, machines and systems. It is all about optimizing production and making smarter decisions. Production becomes more reliable, products more dependable and companies more efficient.

All of this has happened very quickly. Although we have been testing AI for decades, AI only recently reached a tipping point. This puts a tremendous strain on the IT teams and raises big… or rather huge questions about risk, security and safeguards. Cybercrime is becoming more sophisticated and widespread. Everyone is scrambling for new security measures and better execution.

The level of support for the adoption of AI is basic economics. Better, faster, cheaper is the promise of AI. It will take talent and planning to make it happen. The more AI cloud-based applications, the less it costs to get into the game. Companies are determined to reap the benefits of AI. It is a balancing act between creating new cognitive technologies and the effective execution of these technologies. It is important they benefit everyone, not just a few. There is no shortage of enthusiasm or investment. Effective execution might be another story.

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