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Content is King But…

The more facts you cram onto a screen, the less likely it is that those facts will be remembered. This is a normal and natural tendency, especially with detail-oriented people because they are afraid to leave anything out. Remember, however, that with visual learning, more is not usually better. Learning is not about your information. It is not about how much you know. It is all about what you can get the learners to take in.

Always remember: Content is king. Visuals are the court, the castle, the robes, the crown and everything else that gives the king meaning. The ability of the learner to assimilate the knowledge can be greatly enhanced by the learner’s prior knowledge, context and expectations.

Since you read from left to right, your content should be on the left so learners can naturally read left to right, top to
bottom. This is true most of the time, but occasionally you might want to use mirrors to wake the learner up. Mirrors
is a term used to describe shifting the positions of the graphics or pictures to the opposite side of the screen from
where they were positioned in the previous screens. This should be done about every three to five screens. It has the effect of a cognitive wake-up call.